Santa Barbara Bee Company


Bee Removal Estimate Ranges

Swarm Removals

$75 - $125

Bee Hive Removals

$185 - $795


Fully Insured for Live Bee Removal


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Fully Insured for Live Bee Removal


Costs for Bee Removal


If you suspect you have an established bee hive in your home or yard, please contact us for a safe, bee friendly removal option.  We will be happy to provide you with an estimate and a detailed explanation of the bee removal process. Please keep in mind that while saving the bees we are providing a service.  The estimate ranges below help compensate for the cost of our equipment, gas, time and our expertise.

We will provide a written estimate and proof of insurance (if required) once the job is scheduled.  The estimate ranges are required until the complexity of the bee removal job has been determined.  See the photos below for some examples...

Swarm Removals from $75 - $125

Bee Hive Removals from $185 - $795

Not Complex

Swarm - Low Tree Branch

More Complex

Swarm - High in Tree

Very Complex

Removal Old Hive - 5 ft wide x 4 feet long within wall space


Hive Removal - Wrapped around conduit, phone lines, inside

adjoining wall space

Less Complex

Hive Removal - completely contained within irrigation box very few wires or obstructions

More Complex

Removal Large Hive - Contained in hard to access space behind spa plumbing