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Acacia -

Pale yellow with a delicate taste from China and California.

Alfalfa -

Popular in Utah, Nevada and other Rocky Mountain states; mild, near-white, good body, good for table honey, often diluted with other honeys.

Alsike Clover

Often used for surplus honey in northern states; mild, light-colored, often mixed with honey from white clover.

Basswood or Linden

Extra-white, with a slight bite when pure, often mixed with clover honey.

Black Locust

Extra-white, high quality honey.

Black Mangrove

A Florida favorite, light with a thin body, slightly brackish taste.

Black Sage or Ball Sage

Best honey plant in California; distinctive flavor.


Reddish-brown or near-white in color; a bit more flavorful than clover honey.


Called Coralberry in the eastern U.S.; light-amber color with good flavor.


Purple to black in color; pronounced flavor; prized by food manufacturers.


Popular in the southwest U.S.; white in color.

Clover, Sweet

Clover yields massive amounts of nectar popular with beekeepers as a source; white in color and mild in flavor.

Clover, White

Most-used east of the Mississippi; color is white to extra-light amber with a mild, delicious flavor.


Used mostly in Texas now; light in color with a mild flavor


Honey is yellow with a strong flavor.


Varies in color and flavor but is overall bold with a slightly medicinal aftertaste.


Light in color and mild in flavor.


A Southern U.S. favorite; light amber with a pleasant aromatic flavor; does not crystallize making it a good candidate for chunk honey.


Popular in Northern U.S. and Eastern Canada; yellow with a rich flavor.


White to light-amber with a minty flavor; may have a strong odor


Light amber to slightly darker; good flavor.


Light amber to white; usually mixed with others.

Orange and Citrus

A major source; white in color, mild flavor with delicate citrus blossom aroma.


White with a delicious flavor.

Saw Palmetto

Often considered the best in Florida; rich yellow in color.


Considered the most delicious in the eastern states; water-white with a mild, delicious flavor; sold mostly as comb honey or chunk comb honey.

Spanish Needles

Golden yellow with a pronounced flavor; can be mixed with white clover honey to obtain a mild, golden-tinted honey.


Light amber with an excellent flavor.

Sweet Pepper Bush

Light yellow with a mild flavor and aroma of the bloom; marketed under the scientific name of Clethra.

Tulip Poplar

Red-amber with good flavor.


Popular in Georgia and Florida; light amber with a mild flavor and heavy body, does not granulate.


Water-white, mild; wide selection of flavors, colors, and textures.

Honey Facts

The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

A hive of bees will fly 90,000 miles, the equivalent of three orbits around the earth to collect 2 lbs. of honey.

Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Honey Flavors Across the U.S.